A Hive Planet located in the Aggorian 8 Solar System. It has two moons: Diana and Zackari. Both were named after local saints.

Consists of no real continents per se, though the one large land mass is divided up into four sections, locations based upon proximity to the Capital Hive City of Kacadience. The planet itself is an arid one, with systems in place to collect rainwater when it falls.

  • Atlius (The north-western part of the planet. Once dominated by thick forests, it is now a mostly barren scrubland that lies in the shadow of Hive City Tasmontum. Desertification is an ongoing problem, with flash floods and mudslides caused by storms from the 3 surrounding mountain ranges frequently causing destruction and flooding out the lower parts of the Hive.)
  • Actium (The north-eastern part of the planet. Fairly uninhabited due to the oil and quicksand filled swamp lands that prevail in this region. Oil predominates as the “swamp water”. Peat, oil and rare materials are exploited from the region, sent to hive cities for exportation. Grox are also raised here for planetary consumption. Local wildlife that still exists is extremely hostile and usually predatory.)
  • Anglennica (The south-eastern part of the planet. Once sprawling savanna and used for agriculture, over exploitation of the soil for cropping has destroyed the land. The large sea, Gratuity, centered in the region is a polluted pond super-saturated in nitrogen, chemicals and choked with vegetation. The land is now used to harvest and export those chemicals and vegetation to sell as further fertilizers. Several large-ish cities (though no where near the size to be called a hive) are settled around Gratuity.
  • Asya (The south-western part of the planet. Mostly desert scrubland that was once savanna that succumbed to desertification. Largely uninhabited anymore, it is almost a separate frontier planet in regards to those who live there. Lower technology levels and tough living has reduced it to something of a “Wild West.”)

Hive City Kacadience resides in the middle of these four lands, once the most pristine and habitable parts of the planet. It is now a towering city housing millions upon billions of citizens. Polluted water surrounds it almost entirely, having been built on a large island in the middle of The Emperor’s Joy, a massive sea in the center of the continent. Two land bridges connect the the city to the rest of the land, effectively splitting the sea into two distinct parts, though it is still treated as one.


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