Hiborya V (Fortress world)

Hiborya V Fortress world

Much lies beneath the mountains and snow plains of Hiborya V. The planet is laced with a large natural cavern system that has large amounts of promethium, iron, and other mineral deposits. Due to the less hazardous conditions under the surface, Hiborya V has become a moderately valuable planet to the Imperium. With large cities forming around the natural deposits, Adimistratum officials deem the planet able to support its own Imperial Guard units. With much land on the surface useless, Imperium funds were channeled to build Fortresses and training grounds. The Hiboryian V soldiers use the famous Cadian pattern weapons and armor, and are well versed in Winter Warfare. For more on their Tactics See Hiboryian V Imperial Guard.

Hiborya V is home to numberous mining Facilities, most notably

  • The Abban Promethium facilities: Pop. 10 Million.
  • The Quoba Steelworks: A mining and smelting industrial center. Pop. 7 Million

The Imperium also has numerous training facilities and bases.

  • Levestium Basic training facility: the first Imperium base on Hiborya V. Is used for training and raising new Guard Units.
  • Hephastum Armor training grounds: Provides Gaurdsmen with training and operating the vehicals of the Imperium.

Hiborya V (Fortress world)

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