Dark Heresy: The Corruption Within

Mordeci meets Inquisitor Adrastea

Sixteen years have gone by with me onboard the Black Ship, Mariessa. Sixteen years, my entire life, and they take me in a drop, send me to some planet with absolutely no meaning, and leave me in the middle of a city with nothing but what I came with or made there. Society, I am not meant for you, but somehow, I’m here. Fuck. Gotta live somewhere, but there no way in the Emperor’s Throne that you’ll find me staying here. So I leave, plain and simple, I spend the next two days walking out of that forsaken hiver den and into some open land.

Not a few hours pass before a C-truck (combat truck, his name for them) passed me, well didn’t pass me, two guys got out and leveled their weapons at me. Asked if I was me, yup, but how they know I have no clue. So I follow the men with guns, into the truck, I wind up Exactly where I started.

Turns out, they spent two days looking for me. That’s a riot! Glad I wasted someone’s time. Anyway, Got a hoverrail pass and rode it for hours. By that, I mean all day. Between two thugs, who didn’t say a fucking word. (continued later)

First Post

Alright, so I’ve an idea about how this here Adventure Log thingy will work.

I’ve always entertained the idea of having different characters write their own entries in a fashion similar to a journal or diary. I never suggested it in the previous game due to Vadania being the most illiterate illiterate of all time. But I want to do it for this game!

So, for each session or however often you can manage and such (once this gets going) you can write a summary of the events from the perspective of the character. I may go through with occasional ones from the NPCs or just a general overview.


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