Mordici (Telessa) Evanges

A haunted man who has seen too much, but wields his knowledge in fierce judgement.


Mordeci Evanges
Male Sanctionite Psyker
Divination: “Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken”
Wounds: 12
Fatigue Level Max: 3
Fate Points: 2
Corruption/Insanity Points: 0/1
Degree of Corruption/Madness: na/na
Experience (Spent/Total): 200/400

Weapon Skill:33
Ballistic Skill:35
Movement:Walk(1/2):3m. Walk (Full):6m. Charge:9m. Run:18m.

Basic Skills
Literacy {trained}
Speak Language (High Gothic) {untrained}

Advanced Skills
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Trade (Merchant)

Talents and Traits
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
Chem Geld
Psi Rating 1
Sanctioned Psyker

Psychic Powers
Psychic Discipline
Major Powers
Minor Powers


Advancements Taken
Characteristic Advance (Willpower) {100}
Meditation {100}

Armor and Equipment
Chain Coat: Primitive AP 3 (All)

Psykana Mercy Blade: Primitive Rending Melee Weapon, 1d5+3

Las Pistol: Las Energy Pisol, 30m range, 1d10+2. Rate of Fire:S/-/-, Pen:0
Full Clip:30, Reload: Full Action. Special: Reliable.

Psy Focus, Tatty Robes, Steel Dice, Chattallium Ring (100 Thrones), Respirator, Data Slate (Audio, full, non writable), Tarnished Gold Band, 8 Thrones, Las pistol clip, Hotshot las pistol clip


U.A.D. Serial Echo Delta Gamma 08725, Encryption Code: Evanges. Access Granted. Beginning playback

Memories are a malleable thing. Fluid, they come and go, unbidden, from the deepest crevasse of our mind, never to be seen, into the active neural centers, blaring out like an elec-advert. Mine, like many here in this place, is missing so much, absence where history should be.

Entry complete. Vocal recognition required to continue…

Encryption Code: Mariessa. Access Granted. Beginning playback.

My life, I can remember where it started. A carrier ship, taking myself and a handful of others off-surface. Why? I haven’t a clue, perhaps relocation, infestation, war…I’m not sure really. I was fourteen, I knew that, that, and a name, Evanges, engraved on a band in my hand, with the hand that I held, no longer belonging to anyone. That was my identity then, that name, and a few minor things that would matter to anyone in my position: the ripped, scorched, bloodied rags that covered me, and myself. On that ship with noone else…Everyone was looking at me. Why were they looking at me with those eyes…why? Why do I need their pity? Is it my hand? Does the hand need pity, because the person it belonged to is gone? No, its definitely me.

Their eyes are burned into me, forever scrutinizing my being. Then, an interceptor, black as jet, came and took me, and left everyone else. These eyes are different. Fear, like I was a Marine with them in my sights, or a vicious inhabitant of the brink Nebulous, ready to rend their limbs from their bodies.

Entry complete. Encryption Code Alpha required to continue…

Encryption Code: Interception. Alpha Level Access Granted. Beginning playback.

Time, a formless concept that holds nothing but a physical sway over those living in the void that is space. That being said, I do not know my age, I know that more than half of my life has been on the Black Ship. Half of my life fearing what could happen if I step off track. Here my mind is valuable, dangerous, respected, and feared. There is potential in every subject here, every “Psyker,” for manipulation of the universe with psychic energy. But there is corruption with this evolution of man, this emulation of Our Emperor. His Purity in soul led to the sacrifice of Himself for the rest of the race. For others to turn to self-gain with the capabilities, far from His strength, that they have, that is the evil in my eyes. We “Psykers” should use our differences to aid the race as the Holy Emperor did, and those who slow our progression deserve death. They are the degenerates that should be sought out and destroyed, their souls annihilated for the security of the rest of us. Certainly, the possibilities of danger from my kind are staggering, for we are nowhere near the perfection of the Most Holy Emperor. Those dangers come from ourselves and those that seek entry into our realm. Yes, those on the other side of the Veil scare me, yes they haunt me, but who would not be frightened of an entity that can dominate our body and bring forth Armageddons.

Entry complete. Personnel Encryption Code required to continue…

Personnel Encryption Code: Telessa Evanges Full Access Granted. Please give the date of archive file to be played.

Beginning playback.
*******/** Entry Report.
Subject: Evanges
“I can hear it! Their jabbering is everywhere, they are scratching, clawing, tearing my head from the inside! Thousands of voices, screaming. They are here, let me go, they are here!”
Evanges, fourteen. Upon exiting interceptor collapses and tries gauging his eyes and ripping at his ears. Substantial force used to carry subject on board and restrain. Deduced reasoning: presence of psychic experimentation.

Personal entry
I am not the smartest here, I am not the strongest, nor the fastest, but I am different, I can see it. Their eyes, they speak worlds to me. More relaxed, confident, less fear. They say that I am a minimal risk, that I am stable compared to most. Stable? I have thousands of voices clawing through my consciousness, and they call me stable. It frightens me, the things I hear in my head, but I am terrified of when they go silent, all at once, absolute quiet…

Mordici (Telessa) Evanges

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